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Is a liberal F*** fest?



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Just go to and pick any political topic and then try to find any* political view that doesn't fit the liberal agenda (which just happens to be right up there with the Bush Doctrine).

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Yeah, digg is definitely liberal, or at least anti-neocon. So is reddit. So is StumbleUpon.

CreateDebate seems to lean that way too (to a lesser extent).

It seems that any community website which allows anyone to join leans liberal. What does that tell you? That liberals are on the side of the majority while conservatives favor the few.

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xaeon(1093) Disputed
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Not really. I'd say it has more to do with the younger population being far more liberal than the older population, and also being far more computer literate and likely to join sites such as Digg, Reddit, CreateDebate, etc.

Although, I disagree that Digg is as liberal as you say. My experience has been very mixed. You can't judge Digg on its articles as it is not a fair user driven content system. People such as MrBabyMan and badwithcomputers dominate the front page submissions, so really Digg will reflect their political positions more than the majority.

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Well that explains why everywhere I look I see liberals. Like in that movie the 6th sense; remember that little kid? They're everywhere and some don't know they're liberal.

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Because my comments such as, "One need not be a Christian, or even religious for that matter, to disagree with abortion. Not to mention the fact that there are not only religious people out there who agree with abortion, but have gone through with the procedure" and, "The debate in the comments above, between "Republicans" and "Democrats" is pathetic. It's the same damn argument with the same boring points over and over again. Don't you realize that you people are speaking in circles? Doesn't it get old? You will not be able to convince someone of your opinion, just like you're being stubborn about changing yours. Open your ears and at least listen. Acknowledge the fact that this is all opinion based and we're each entitled to it because of this great country we live in. Don't snub people just because of their political opinions. If you like corn, would you avoid people who dislike corn like the plague?" get -20 and -11 respectively. It doesn't get more neutral than that.

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A good mix of issues, and very well written - the output and quality are incredibly high. I'd value a little more feedback and thoughts from other thinkers / organisations cited in the blog as currently the comments / interaction is a bit two dimensional.

Supporting Evidence: Honeycomb blinds (
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It's not as bad as you might think. It's definitely not a "fuckfest" because no one on digg has sex.

It seems as though digg is turning into diggchan though, and if you know chans, then you know what you're dealing with. The most liberal trolls on the internet (maybe planet)... and Digg seems to have a love/hate relationship with *chan.

Digg is a democracy though, and the users get what they want... Why aren't there enough conservatives on digg to equal out the content? Because conservatives fear everything, including the internet.

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I don't know that I would categorize it as fear. Conservatives are comfortable with the status quo and don't feel threatened enough to defend it. Now, when you see Republicans fighting like rabid pit bulls, then you know they're afraid.

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Did I forget to add lipstick to that pit bull? ;)

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Although there are a disproportionate amount of liberal stories on digg, that is not a reflection on the site itself but the overall politics of the users. For your information one of the candidates that most digg users support is actually Ron Paul a republican/libertarian. Also, a good portion of the stories are not political at all. Some of the most popular topics are computers, science and random funny stuff on the internet. If Joe is so concerned about this then he can make his own profile and start burying Liberal stories and digging conservative ones. It's a very democratic system.

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Thanks, but I have my work cut out for me here on CD so I don't have the time to take on DIGG as well ;)

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Clinton goes to bat for Obama and party

Google Has Changed Political Debate Forever

Individuals with social phobia see themselves differently

Those were the first five articles. I failed to see any liberals f*&&#xin;g as I followed the links.

So now you're arguement is Bush is a liberal? Interesting. Desperation is a stinky cologn Joe. By the way McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time in 2007 and, tada! 100% of the time in '08.

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So do those pills get you high or did they take the fun out of Marijuana?

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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I take neither, even when I'm in pain. But there would be no reason not to take marijuana instead of pain pills if I were to.

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