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Sure, why not wait, what?
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Is it morally wrong to neuter stupid people?

A smart person once said, "No, it's not morally wrong to neuter stupid people. Every organization I can think of advises you to do just that. The unwanted, uncared for population is so out of hand that we cannot afford not to neuter as a precaution against more unwanted idiots."

Sure, why not

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wait, what?

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disclaimer: I too have had a few beers.

But I have written extensively on this, and I believe smart and dumb alike should be neutered until adulthood, at which point they should be given a basic intelligence test in which the score determines the number of children allowed. And this number will vary depending on the needs of society.

Don't believe this it the proper course of action? Rent "Idiocracy"

I was at the store a couple weeks ago, and I never knew about this, but there's some program where poor mothers get free baby stuff or something.

There was an announcement on the intercom "such and such is not available due to a computer malfunction blah blah"

The place cleared out! I was like 5th in line, suddenly I'm second!

(I'm not lying I swear, I live in the ghetto, and it was sunday afternoon, go to the ghetto to shop on sunday afternoon and see what people are buying)

Anyway, there was one lady (lmao if it wasn't so sad) YELLING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS, "how am I 'posed to feed my baby! my baby!

And all I could think was "who the f--k decided you could have a kid"

Of course, someone explained to her calmly that there were other stores, and besides, the formula cost like $1.49 or something.

But really what the hell are we doing here? And can I really blame big industry for exploiting these sad dumb sheep?

At the end of the day though, the fact that that child's mother is a worthless piece of retarded shit, does not mean her child should not receive every advantage any other child would have. Hopefully they grow up to be an Obama and not a Manson.

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Disclaimer: I've had a few beers so I'm not responsible for my actions ;)

Now that's a good debate topic: Are drunks responsible for their actions ;)

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What do away with stupid people and make abortions illegal? I'm sure someone will try to justify killing off stupid people and making abortions illegal, this is a true test of intelligence.

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Yes. That's what natural selection is for. Chill it out and let evolution do its thang.

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xaeon(1093) Disputed
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That's only assuming that what we define as intelligence is beneficial enough within our society structure to disrupt our evolutionary stable system, which I doubt.

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But our evolutionary system is already unstable. People who would normally have died off are artificially maintained.

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wolfbite(432) Disputed
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Only problem with that idea is that we as a species are really good at screwing with natural selection. If nature had its way then every time some idiot did something that has the potential to kill them then eventually they would die and the species would be better off. However, with advances in medical technology these stupid people have to try extra hard in order to possibly kill themselves and that has caused their genes to stay in the gene pool. Then they reproduce at a faster rate then people who are not stupid and it starts to get to the point where evolution is not even the correct term to describe it, it's more like reverse evolution.

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Exactly. One up vote. We are experiencing de-evolution. Or devo for short ;)

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I often see topics using the word "stupid people", but why not use the term "unathletic people"?

Hmm, I know! It's because the topic makers are often unhealthy folks.

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How can one measure "Stupid"? Are criminals stupid? Do we use an extremely flawed measure such as IQ?

Ignoring that, intelligence isn't a particularly inheritable trait. The problem isn't just stupid people having kids, it's stupid people /raising/ kids. We don't know nearly enough about genetics to determine what actually constitutes "good genes" that we want to pass on.

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Depends, who are the "stupid" people? >:)

And also morality is subjective.

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I know it's morally wrong and all that, but I know that everyone here has said it at least once in their life: "God, some people just shouldn't be able to have kids!"

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But wait...which idiot gets to decide which idiot goes and which one doesn't go under the knife?

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