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 Is joe in danger of becoming extinct on CD? (19)

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Is joe in danger of becoming extinct on CD?

I keep on getting lower and lower on the weekly leadership board.

I am being marginalized by this new group of upstarts.

I wonder if there's life after CD.

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I should be placed on the endangered debaters list. I don't know how to remain relevant in this drama driven environment. I mean..., this is my lame attempt at creating drama ;)

joecavalry(39554) Clarified
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My old strategy was to just wait it out. The young upstarts never had much staying power. But this has dragged on for far longer than I anticipated. I need a new strategy ;)

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Waiting out seems like a good idea, weak newcomers will just show up, flock to debates like "man is a bundle of emosions" make a few arguments and then never do anything again.

The influx of new users is probably due to bored people on their Easter holidays.

Joe, you still have the biggest amount of points saved up that I have ever seem. Have you ever thought about switching gears and targeting people's efficiency, which you could probably destroy.

It's not the points I'm after. It's the attention ;)

1 point

Why do you even care?

No offense, we have agreed on a few things and I consider you to be an Ally because of it....

But I would rather know you for your views than for "how many points" you have or where you are on the leader board.

Leader board for what?

These imbeciles have proven with their multiple accounts and vote bombing that

the points don't mean jack shit.

You have more than 26,000 points and I only have 260.

I'll guarantee you that people here already know more about many of my views than they do yours.

AbbyNestor(1028) Disputed
1 point

When you get to 5000 it does.

Why would anyone care about my views?

Besides, I've posted my views on gay marriage, abortion, and gun control. What more do people want ;)

Chuz-Life(496) Clarified
1 point

I'm not saying that I 'care about your views' as much as I am saying "your views matter more to me than these stupid points do."

1 point

Hell! I'm not even on the leaderboard.. so... yeah...

They are trying to drive the veterans out. It's a conspiracy, I tell you ;)

Getting pushed off the leader board doesn't make you extinct on CD. It just means you aren't the flavor of the month. But maybe you will be again one day.

Chuz-Life(496) Clarified
2 points

Andy should do away with it.

The point whoring trolls would then move onto other things.

I wonder if the leader board is what motivates the point whores. I would guess not, but I wouldn't mind if it went away.

You know..., I can read what you're typing ;)

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I don't know Joe are you become extinct?

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Joe, no you will not become extinct on CD. Yes there are some new upstarts. I appreciate them, and I appreciate all of your efforts. I wouldn't look at it like is there life after CD, I would ask what can CD do make this your home for good? In fact, maybe we need a place for people to go when they tire of the day to day? I am sure we can find something good to keep you interested, engaged and happy!

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