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Joe_Cavalry All Day Every Day

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yeee man noo, Jaa bless!!
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 yeee man (12)
 noo, Jaa bless!! (12)

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Is life a bitch?

yeee man

Side Score: 17

noo, Jaa bless!!

Side Score: 17
6 points

And so are you!

Side: yeee man
QuestionMan(604) Disputed
2 points

And so are you!

Kind of harsh? Or is it just me....? I don't know seems kind of harsh?

Side: noo, Jaa bless!!

"lifes a bitch, but god forbid the bitch divorce me"


Affirmative Action
Side: yeee man
5 points

Point farming again? I guess you'll never learn.

Side: noo, Jaa bless!!