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Uh..., Yeah!!! Nope. It's all good.
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Is there a right way and a wrong way to be gay?

Uh..., Yeah!!!

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Nope. It's all good.

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I think people perceive gays as fashionable. So when gays commit a fashion faux pas..., well..., it's weird. I mean..., gays should not dress in a manner that reminds people of Halloween. Especially if you are planning to adopt. Weird looking, grown, men and young children just don't mix. Just ask Michael Jackson ;)

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I guess I can agree so long as we can also agree there's a right and wrong way to be straight. Wasted bros who take their shirts off at house parties and flex in the living room in a shameless attempt to attract women, for example. Dirty bops who go out dressed like prostitutes are another good example. Ever been to a rave or a frat party? Give em a shot if you ever wanna see people being straight in all the wrong ways.

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In the spirit of being bi-partisan, I will support and agree with your statement that, "there's a right and wrong way to be straight."

Wow!!! I think this is the first time in the history of CD that anyone has ever agreed ;)

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2 points

1. the other dude might not even be gay. you have no proof.

2. none of your business if he is.

3. there is no wrong way. just different people being themselves.

4. there's no wrong way to be a sexuality.

but, homophobia has no right way.

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