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Seems legit. Oh, joe. Such a kidder.
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Is there such a thing as a 4 course meal?

A 4 course meal is one which comes in 4 parts:-

  1. A starter course - something like soup, a small portion of appetizer or a light salad.
  2. A main course - this is a large portion of meat, fish or poultry or a vegetarian option, usually served with vegetables
  3. A dessert course - this may be some cheese, ice cream or some fruit but it is usually a sweet dish.
  4. An intercourse - this usually comes after the show, which is meant to give you time to digest what you've eaten.  If you are unlucky, it will be a verbal intercourse (in which case you may end up eating crow).  Otherwise, you will be 69ing before retiring to bed (Some people replace either the starter course or the dessert course, or even both courses, with this course).  If you are really lucky, it will be sexual intercourse (of course).

Seems legit.

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Oh, joe. Such a kidder.

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If you liked this debate, it is customary/encouraged to up vote. I'm trying to reach 30K before the month is out. I only have about 2 weeks and 250 points to go ;)

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Dammit! I was hoping to have 15K at the same time you had 30K... but that ain't gonna happen. :(

Side: Seems legit.

Upvotes don't count towards your total.

Side: Seems legit.

But here, have one anyway. :)

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Joe, Joe, Joe... Why be such an underachiever when you can go for broke and have 12 courses if you can handle it:)

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I'm on a diet ;)

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Well, in that case how about shaking your tail feathers before that 12 course meal? Get down with your bad self and do the funky chicken. LOL

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The 4th part isn't a meal. There is no food involved. You could involve food I guess, but that's crossin the line.

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Just use a little whip cream ;)

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That sh!t tastes bitter. No thx.

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Jungelson(3959) Disputed
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Never heard of eating pussy?


Side: Seems legit.
Intangible(4933) Disputed
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Ever heard that that's not food?


Side: Oh, joe. Such a kidder.