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Oh, yeah Nope, never
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Is this kid a little shit... or did you pull this crap on your parents?

Oh, yeah

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Nope, never

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My kids pull this kinda crap on me all the time. So if you think I'm pulling the same kinda crap on you... now you know why ;)

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Not only did do it I still do. But I think they have gotten used to it. I know my dad has.

Side: Oh, yeah

If you think that I never get paid back for my mischief here on CD, you are mistaken ;)

Side: Oh, yeah
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I still pull this crap on my mom! (;

It gets her to listen to me eventually, and then usually I get an "Ok" just so I'll leave her alone.

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Actually, maybe once. But never, ever, ever again. When mom ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

Side: Nope, never

I would have never even thought to do something like that to my mother and most especially not when she was resting. She ran her own business and cared for a 6 member household so rest didn't come frequently for her. My brothers never did things like this either. It must be the generation gap or something like that, lol!

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No, but there's the stare with horror over their shoulder one, to steal cakes.

Side: Nope, never