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It costs $130K a year to maintain a criminal in jail in California. Why don't we just....

Why don't we just give him a $100K a year to stay crime free?  It will reduce over crowding in the jails and we'll save $30K a year per criminal.

I also wonder if judges take into consideration the value of what was stolen before sentencing.  For example, if someone steals a car worth $60K, does he get a year in jail?  Who's getting the worst end of the deal?  I mean, tax payers pay $130K to protect a $60K car.  it doesn't add up.

hmmm, it might work

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That's crazy talk

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At first I was like, "That's crazy talk!" But then I was like, "You know, it just might be crazy enough to work." I mean, what's the difference between giving the money to the criminal or having uncle Sam take it from us in the form of taxes? What difference does it make if one is holding a gun and the other one is leveraging the IRS? We're still out the dough! But I'm willing to bet that I'll find some skeptics out there ;)

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wolfbite(432) Disputed
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Or you could just assist those less fortunate who are living in crappy living conditions, that way their lives would be better off and thus they won't have to turn to crime to begin with.

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Hmmm, have you ever stoped to wonder just exactly why it is that there people who are "less fortunate?" I mean, I became "more fortunate" through hard work, not through any fortune ;)

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People will commit small crimes in order to get their $100k a year payout. Imagine how many people there are that would be willing to do a small amount of jail time to get $100k a year free for the rest of their life.

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I would absolutely commit crimes to get that money. Absolutely. 100% yes. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't.

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I agree, Joe's proposal is crazy talk and I also agree that such crazy talk will work in a society of crazies.

Hell, in a capitalist economy it is called sound economics.

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It would be better if we stopped arresting people for crimes that don't hurt anyone... like say possession of marijuana. There are more people arrested for marijuana than all other violent crimes combined (source) and legalizing marijuana would take away markets from violent drug trafficking organizations which would in turn mean less murders, and criminals associated with these organizations.

Problem solved, money saved.

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Sure, let me get busted for MJ possession and I'll gladly take the 100K to pay off my bills and live crime free. Sounds like a fair exchange to me!

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And buy some more mary jane, right? ;-)

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Well maybe just a little! ```````````````````````````````````````

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Well, it should be understood I think that most of that money spent goes to presumably good law abiding corrections officers who contribute in a positive way to the economy.

Still though, it does seem steep, so we should definitely do a couple things:

1. decriminalize marijuana

2. stop paying for psychologists for the crimes of pre-meditated murder, rape, and pedophiles so they can be "rehabilitated," and instead just leave them in prison until they're dead.

Note: I'm all for rehabilitation, but sex offenders don't, and people who commit pre-meditated murder shouldn't be let out either way.

But I need to note Joe, you don't pay $130,000 a year for a prisoner in order to protect a $60,000 car. Likely about a dollar of the taxes from each paycheck goes to keeping prisons running.

I know it's hard for you to understand the concept of nations pooling money for the cause from your other debates, but this is an easy one.

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Yeah, I know, I don't pay $130K a year. I meant the tax payer.

I think that a lot of that money goes towards making prisons nicer. Like a new rec-room with a 52 inch flat panel TV ;)

Maybe we should outsource our prisons. Maybe we can pay Mexico to build prisons and guard our inmates. I bet we could save a lot of money. ;)

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Why not just make them do jobs that average Americans won't do while they are in jail? Illegal immigration solved. :)

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The United States would lose millions upon millions more if they take that path. If you give people a gain to commit crimes, more crimes will be committed.

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