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So this mornig I thought,

How can I portray myself as a bigger pompous ass?

and then it hit me,

Start my own club.

With only one member.


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3 points

Why does the graphic say 20th? That doesn't make any sense and are you really advertising for ""? Because that's all over the graphic too???

Seriously Joe... with 20K+ points I'd think you'd be able to afford better. ;)

Hey..., I already made it to the top..., now..., I'm just resting on my laurels ;)

2 points

The top? Who said 20K was the top? This is a marathon Joe... not a sprint. Besides, the new guy, Jonathan, is kickin' your ass on the weekly leader board. Stop being a slacker. ;)

At first I thought, "Oh man..., I'm going to get a lot of flack for this." But then I realized, "Haters are gonna hate." ;)

vandebater(444) Disputed
1 point

your doing it right joe... as usual .

OK..., so..., like..., when you..., the reader..., reach 20,000 points on CD, let me know so I can hold a meting with myself and up the requirements for being in the club ;)

Or you can make your own club. Maybe even start a community ;)

No hate Joe, just unending pity.

You're just jealous ;)

Yep, that's it.

1 point

Perhaps I will start the under 20,000 club, for people who have lives outside the internet.;=UU3toa0LqoY0aiFwwdajAl7g&index;=12&feature;=plcp
vandebater(444) Disputed
1 point

Its settled he has a very rich, indulgent, and healthy life outside the computer! .

1 point

Give me a decade, I'll be there.