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 Ladies - Y u do this? (12)

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Ladies - Y u do this?

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So at home you are an apple figure, and in public you transform into a pear figure?

Please, please give me the ability to do that!!!

No, at home women dress in sweats and all sexy when not at home. Dress sexy at home so we can ravage you ;)

shoutoutloud(4303) Clarified
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I just find it odd the demonstration completely changed the figure of the woman. She went from tiny ass, big stomach to big ass and no stomach.

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Baggy clothes will make the person on the right look like the person on the left. If you can't pull of the person on the right with tight clothes then it doesn't apply to you.

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No matter how well you dress, you can never get that big an ass compared to the one with baggy clothes.

I just got my sex change the other day.... and that happens to me all the time! What up with dat?

Do you mean your significant other dresses down around the house? If so, wait until she starts scratching her lady parts, farting, picking her nose and belching ;)

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Thats hot.

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Wait, fuck you Joe! :p

Real eyes realize real lies. ;)

Weird.. .