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True. Wait..., what? No!
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Levicitus 20:13 If a man lies with another man - he should be stoned

This basically means that being gay is OK

if you're on drugs.


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Wait..., what? No!

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That's how I understand it ;)

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Levicitus 20:13 If a man lies with another man - he should be stoned

Imagine what judgement will be like for the libs.

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Given that I have been so ... closely attached ... shall we say? To the opposite sex, I would HAVE TO BE STONED to be lying with a man. I don't do drugs and I don't think there's enough Bourbon to get me away from the, um, ... softer things in life.

I'm also averse to being punished by an imaginary "god". But then, if they would come up with an ageless "goddess"...... please be gentle with the "stones". ;-)

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Uncorrupted version that is agreed upon by historians:If a man lies with another boy-he should be stoned.

Also, I approve of the pun lol

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Well I admit that being high sort of makes some actions better, but I doubt that it's a requirement.


On a serious note, one should not take advice from a book like the bible.. any version of it for that matter. We're talking about a text that is mostly claimed to be the word of god, and it declares that when the end times arrives. The stars shall fall from the heavens and physically land on the earth.. just by writing that. That person proved that they did not know what stars actually were. That and the vast multitude of other issues the bible has are a definite reason to not take anything it says, all that seriously.

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I love when I can agree with someone I usually find disagreeable. Well said.

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We can’t advance as a society believing in fairy tales. True spirituality is not written in a book

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First off to get this through your heads. LEVITICUS IS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT!!! if you read the bible, it says that Jesus completed the old testament perfectly so our sins could be forgiven. This is why the NEW TESTAMENT was made. they were new rules to live by. The Bible also says That no matter what religion, sexuality, etc, you are, he will love you, and he will forgive you. So now it is perfectly fine to be gay, lesbian, pan, or anything like that. Same thing with religion. So before you go make a debate think about it, please.

Love, God

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