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Motorists are B-Holes Bicyclists are A-Holes
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 Motorists are B-Holes (4)
 Bicyclists are A-Holes (6)

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Motorist VS Bicyclist: which one is the bigger jerk


The weekend is here and

there are biciclists on the road,

without a care in the world,

exercising, enjoying the view and trolling motorists.

There are also motorists on the road,

with erands to do,

looking for bicyclists to run over.

Which do you despise more?

Motorists are B-Holes

Side Score: 4

Bicyclists are A-Holes

Side Score: 6

I'm out there on the road on a relaxing, leisurely, ride, trying to enjoy the only days I have off work, enjoying the scenery, riding next to my buddy so we can chat, avoiding the bicycle lane so the experience isn't ruined by a flat tire, when here comes a motorist, horn blaring, coming withing inches of me, because it's a blind curve (double yellow lines), and there's on-coming traffic, and being a total buzz kill.

Side: Motorists are B-Holes

I'm out there on the road trying to get my kid to her softball game on time, shoot over to the store to pick up some groceries, shoot back to pick up my kid and make it back home, on time, so I can enjoy my only days off work with friends and family by the pool and a little Bar-B-Q, when there's this bicyclist in the middle of the road, on a leisurely ride, riding double, avoiding the bicycle lane altogether, on a double yellow, blind turn, with on-coming traffic and totally making me late for my party while I patiently wait for a break in traffic, or for him to move over, so that I can pass him safely.

Side: Bicyclists are A-Holes
law97(18) Disputed
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That not this fault its your own fault for not allowing yourself enough time.

Side: Motorists are B-Holes

It's his fault for not using the bike lane ;)

Side: Motorists are B-Holes

So there's this thing called a bike lane. You often see it along the side of roads. It is designed very similar to a road a car might ride on in that it has painted lines designating where the car/bike in the lane should be. Motorists for the most part seem to get how this works. Bicyclists, particularly those with road bikes with dinky little tires, seem to be compelled to ride on the line close to the real road of these lanes instead of riding in the middle. Imagine if a car centered itself on the double yellow line when driving - imagine the problems that would create, and that's the way most people with bikes ride. While I understand the reason for doing this (any small pebble is liable to destroy the tires of these wimpy bikes) I think all things considered getting a flat tire is more desirable than riding halfway on the real road and getting run over for it. I don't need to look for or attempt to run over any bicyclists; they seem to have that death wish all on their own.

Side: Bicyclists are A-Holes
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I have to agree with you. The only time I will cut someone slack is if they are using their bike to get to work...and then only if they are trying not to get killed!

Side: Bicyclists are A-Holes
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Of the two, bicyclists are worse, but why isn't "pedestrian" an option? I don't care if you have right of way, when there's a two-ton machine bearing down on you at fifty miles per hour, you don't go traipsing across the street like a moron. Fuck.

Side: Bicyclists are A-Holes
Cynical(1948) Disputed
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Ah, that really made me laugh, but I'll make an argument against it anyway.

All rational pedestrians will not cross the street with incoming traffic on the road, thus it would be the motorist's fault, in most cases.

Side: Motorists are B-Holes
Assface(406) Disputed
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Yeah, but nonetheless, even the more inhibited pedestrians have a little too much confidence for just being meaty fleshbags loosely hung on armatures of fragile calcification.

Side: Bicyclists are A-Holes
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Can't stand them!!! I live very close to a major Bike Trail, which is cool, but keep your biking on the trail and not on my road! Get out of my way!

Side: Bicyclists are A-Holes