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One atheist's opinion on his way to hell


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Wait..., what? No!

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So if I laughed, does that mean I'm going to hell too? ;)

BTW, I'm glad he supported my view of rights. ;)

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"So if I laughed, does that mean I'm going to hell too? ;)"

Nothing to worry about. Hell does not exist.

"BTW, I'm glad he supported my view of rights. ;)"

Me too. I'm support unlimited rights.

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Great comedian, great man,spoke only the truth, or at least his version of it, keep up the good work Joe.

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Hahahaha nice Debate title.

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That is true because it says in the Bible that all who do not believen in him will not go to heaven so theirfore they got to hell

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Well, hell doesn't exist so no.


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George Carlin was way to awesome to go to non-existent hell. He probably went to non-existent heaven.

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That is just being against democracy of not wanting to believe in god? Did god come down to tell him that he is there? We all believe in god, I do too. However, i think that atheists have their own choice and as long as they do things morally correct, that is good enough to not go to hell.

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Uspwns101(444) Disputed
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Which God do you believe in? Because if it is the Christian God or the Muslim Allah then no they cannot go to heaven.

Side: i could not watch the video i do however