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 Please post your beauty tips here. (17)

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Please post your beauty tips here.


Go bra-less.  It will help pull the wrinkles from your face.


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I'm glad you asked, because I have so many. The best one is to meet people in a blackout, candlelight does wonders. Of course slipping a little something in her drink works, makes you appear a little better. You can always go with a classic, chloroform. A paper bag over someone's head can improve looks.

"Beauty is only a light switch away."

Jace(5211) Clarified
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That just went darker than I ever expected to see you take anything...

Always expect the unexpected. Desperate situations call for desperate measures.

Don't look like me.

Well, a few tips I can give to some people are to make sure your foundation is well suited for your skin. Some foundations break you out and you don't want that. Also some expensive foundations don't even do more than some cheap ones.

Some cool modelish tips are to have lipstick colors than follow your skin shade. Like pale white skin can easily pull off black, vibrant red, some dark purple, and sometimes a light light brown. Typical caucasian skin can easily pull of a red, pink, and some other lighter colors. Of course lipstick can be pulled of with hair color, dress color, shirt color, etc. So many variations. Just don't apply to much, it's noticable and looks caked.

Well, I sorta think more guys get on this site, soo for guys if you want to follow the stuff above have at it. Maybe you will like it.

What tips, besides makeup, do you have for men. What "look" do you like/prefer? I'm trying to avoid using certain words ;)

Well that would fall under preference, but for me a guy with clean hair, clean clothes, and nice shoes is much more appealing than someone without those. You know those long sleeved shirts guys roll up when they go to the bar? Those shirts are very appealing, but they look awkward if they are wrinkly. I have seen a few wrinkly ones and it's a huge no-no. Non-wrinkled clothes are better anyway. I try not to put an exact measure on what I look for because I could be surprised one day. Who knows!

What tips do you have for me? Not that I need any help .

Uhh, well from you picture a low cut hair cut would work for you. Maybe with just a bit left all over would suit you. Then a groomed beard, like shave i down to where it's fitting to your face. Maybe see if you can pull off a Robert Downey Jr look.

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Don't be fat. Your face will have more definition if you aren't fat.

Live near the ocean the ocean air makes your skin look awesome.

Read a lot of science information. Sounding intelligent will make you look beautiful.

Don't watch TV. The TV emits rays that causes your face to detach from your flesh-tis another reason for drooping faces.

If you're fucking ugly, get plastic surgery.

If you have an annoying voice, change that.

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Look at me.... I don't think I'm qualified to give any beauty tips.

I wish more women would follow Joe's beauty advice ;D

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Be your self and live for Jesus and don't care what other think of you.