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Porn is cancer.

I remember a guy saying this at school. He said porn is cancer because it can builds up into cancer. What do you guys think.


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I've been watching Porn since I was 13. So far...........nothing.

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Nothing? Really? No hard-on or anything? You may want to have that checked ;)

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Porn is the media of sex and/or sexual acts that are usually produced for profit. Cancer is a disease where a group of cells grows rapidly and uncontrollably; those growths are tumors.


Being aware of the metaphorical approach, I still say that this is false. If one is a sex addict, then porn may be a part of their cancerous like habits, yet otherwise it is not obsessive. This argument can break down into nature versus nurture frankly, where nurture is how one raises them self, or self-control.

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Hardly, porn is just like having sex, the only difference that it is watching other people have sex.

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I've been watching porn since I was about 12, and I'm fairly sure I don't have cancer...

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Porn is not cancer. Porn is an outlet for a guy and it is harmless.

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