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I have it No, what iz dat?
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R u aware of the new Young Timer's disease & do u have it?

My children's great Grandmother is staying with us.  She has Alzheimer's Disease.  I tell the kids she has Old Timer's disease.  She's 85.  She sometimes forget who I am.  Or maybe she's just messing with my mind.  It runs in the family ;)

Anyway, my wife was in the mall today with the kids and the youngest one couldn't remember something so she told my wife she has Young Timer's disease.  I guess she takes after me ;)

So, do you have this disease?

I have it

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No, what iz dat?

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They're so cute when they're little. Presumably so that they make it to adult hood ;)

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I most definitely have Young Timer's Disease, mind and body. I'll walk into one room to get something and forget why I went in there. Not to mention that my joints seem to be deteriorating for absolutely no reason and I'm seeing my third orthopedist on Tuesday. What a party!

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Haha, no, I actually have really good memory. At least when it comes physical things. Erm, I mean, it's a different issue entirely if you expect me to remember everything I read in a book. But if my husband misplaces his keys or something, I'm usually the one that knows where they are or where to find them even though I didn't lose them. But I have had random moments, but very rare of like a couple times a year, where I walk in a room and forget why I'm in there and I stand there and look at everything looking for a visual clue to remember... hehe.

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No. I don't have it. The reason I don't have it however, is that sometimes I have it so bad that I foget that I even forgot something in the first place! (;

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I asked my grandmother, "Are you aware that you have Alzheimer's Disease?" And she said, "No." And I said, "You mean you forgot already?" ;)

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My meme (grandmother) likes to tell me, "The memory is the first thing to go, and I can't remember the second."

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