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This Halloween...


... What will you do?

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2 points

My husband wants to dress up as the Grim Reaper and walk into our local grocery store heavily populated by the elderly. >_>

I should try this..., just for the lulz ;)

1 point

That is awesome, I need to go to the door shop now

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What minimum ;)

I never knew grandmothers were so kind . And I do not expect them to be

1 point

Because pumpkins are in Halloween for one reason and one reason only.

1 point

I don't know about you but I am dressing up as Slender Man...

I am getting as many people to dress up as zobies, and do a zombie apocalypse. Tell me if you're doing anything simular.

-1 points

This Halloween, I'm going to dress up as Satan and go trick or treat all the jehovah's witnesses who knocked on my door.

After I've extorted sweets out of them I'll burn down their house.

Axmeister(4311) Disputed
1 point

You another atheist fanatic who's joined this site?

1 point

No he is just one of Micmacmocs troll accounts