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Sex change opeartion Blow up doll
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 Sex change opeartion (2)
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joecavalry(40131) pic

Should Dobelsoboel3 get a sex change opeartion or buy a blow up doll?


According to Dobelsoboel3 women are not attracted to men:


It is much better to be a Lesbian in this age than to be a Male(in terms of dating)

It seems like what he wants is a girl frieind that likes to play bed room games.

I have proposed to possible solutions.

Which do you think is best for him?


Sex change opeartion

Side Score: 4

Blow up doll

Side Score: 6

If he gets a sex change operation, he can become bi-sexual and then he'll always have someone to play with. ;)

Side: Sex change opeartion
2 points

A blow up doll won't do the trick; a female shall still be wanted. So, if you can't get a female, become a female!

Side: Sex change opeartion

A blow up doll is much cheaper and less embarrassing. Go with the flow, bro.

Side: Blow up doll
2 points

hmmmm tough one I guess im not the only one who realized he only has these type of debates, but yes blow up doll is a good option for him, he can have his way with it and will never get that big NO he is so use to getting.

Side: Blow up doll
1 point

Sie k├Ânnen Liebespuppen kaufen, um Ihre Einsamkeit zu lindern

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Side: Blow up doll
Chinaman(3570) Clarified
1 point

Brit Troll you are now a sex doll. What a fuckin idiot you are

Side: Sex change opeartion
Dawazilu(139) Clarified
1 point

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Side: Sex change opeartion