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Oh, that's cute. Yes! No! Bears eat dogs eventually
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 Oh, that's cute. Yes! (1)
 No! Bears eat dogs eventually (5)

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Should polar bears be allowed to adopt dogs? (see attached video)

Oh, that's cute. Yes!

Side Score: 1

No! Bears eat dogs eventually

Side Score: 17
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They can do whatever they want, eventually a bear will eat one of those dogs, but they're not my dogs so I don't have much say in it.

It is kind of cute though.

Side: Oh, that's cute. Yes!
Warlin(1213) Disputed
1 point

I believe that is animal cruelty and I will prosecute any bear that tries to the fullest extent of the law. >:(

Side: No! Bears eat dogs eventually

I vote for an appearance of bear and dog on Judge Judy's show. Maybe it would shut her up for a while...go for it Warlin!

Side: No! Bears eat dogs eventually
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All it is gonna take is one of those bears to fall on top of one of those dogs for that guy to realize that it isn't so cute and fun.

What happens when they actually fight? Are the cracker shells going to stop the polar bear from tearing one of those dogs' heads off? All animals are tame and nice until something triggers a reaction with an animal. I remember a kid had a pet lion in India and everyone was laying around the lion and when the kid got up he stumbled and fell on the lion and the lion attacked him ( only for about a second ) and then it stopped.

One of those polar bears is going to kill one of those dogs, its inevitable.

Side: No! Bears eat dogs eventually

The dog is like, "Stop hugging me. I hate it." And the bear is like, "No, you like it." and then he sticks the entire dog's head in his mouth! This interspecies thing is not natural ;)

Side: No! Bears eat dogs eventually
11 points

All you have to do to understand this is to read Of Mice and Men. Sure, it's cute at first, but nobody's laughing when the bear squashes the dog.

Side: No! Bears eat dogs eventually