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Put them outside. Kill them all.
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 Put them outside. (3)

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Should we kill spiders we find inside our homes or just put them outside?

Put them outside.

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Kill them all.

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If they're big ones, I'll try to put them outside. If they're poisonous, like a black widow, brown recluse, I'll kill them. If they're small ones all set up in a corner, complete with web, I will leave them alone for a while. They are natural pest control; the debris on the floor under their web are bugs they've caught and eaten. They are earning their keep. I say- job well done.

Side: Put them outside.
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Put them outside so they can keep other bugs out.

Side: Put them outside.
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Definitely not kill them. Spiders will not attack you for no reason. In fact, they help you keep your house clean from bugs and flies. Whenever I see some small spiders setting up shop in my room, I leave them be because they help to catch annoying flies and bugs. Sometimes I'll feed them myself if I caught one.

Side: Put them outside.
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