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 Should we let global warming get so hot that you feel like you are melting? (16)

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Should we let global warming get so hot that you feel like you are melting?

OK, so this can be a debate about global warming


a shamless plug for my latest Photoshop creation.

As always,

your choice.

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So..., I got that Dell All-In-One and so far I am NOT regretting it ;)

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Jungelson(3959) Disputed
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Goddamnit her hands are in the way, and in any case shes facing the wrong way!

Aren't you a little young to be looking at this stuff? I don't want to be a party that is contributing to the delinquency of a minor ;)

Del1176(4974) Clarified
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I abhor Apple's business plan and will use my wallet to vote against it by not supporting them with a purchase of their crap ;)

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Living in a tropical equatorial country (i.e. Malaysia) and being only 2 hours from the border with Thailand, I already feel like I'm bloody melting. Some cool air would be nice!

I'll be dead by then, so i dont give a shit. . .

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"This ground is hot enough to cook the Sunday roast!"

John Seach (Volcanologist) just before his boots melted on the hot ground. Lopevi Volcano 2000.

For some reason I instantly thought of this.

From this page:

I like global warming. I see it as humanity's most natural affect on the planet, and maybe it'll bring about the anarchy I desire.

As for your photoshop creation....

Since you did not finish your last sentence, I can only assume you went to get tissues ;)

Lol, it's good.

The global warming is changing the weather like no one would believe.

Because it is hotter, more water evaporates, and that way it rains more, especially here in Scandinavia, where I live.

A few years ago we would have lovely snow in the winter, a beautiful spring, a lovely hot summer and autumn.

Now there is too hot for the snow to be snow, but it is too cold to melt into water - so it becomes like a gross snow/rain kinda thing, it's disgusting and ugly.

During the spring it rains for the most part, and it rains a lot during the summer too, and the autumn is also very rainy.

So we went from four different seasons, to become an all year rain season.