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Yes, we should. No, we should not.
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 Yes, we should. (4)
 No, we should not. (3)

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Should we start a trend called YODO?

Yes, we should.

Side Score: 6

No, we should not.

Side Score: 4
3 points

Maybe this will get rid of some of the YOLO idiots.

Side: Yes, we should.
1 point

Is what I shall do. Start posting posts with this, saying it to friends e.t.c. I will only make some difference. if someone else does it, more difference. If more people do- HELL YEAH!

Side: Yes, we should.
1 point

Hmm, the possibilites. .

Side: Yes, we should.
1 point

Yes, this would be cool...we could have it alternate with the Olympics to give it a chance to replenish the YODOs

Side: Yes, we should.
2 points

I actually coined the term YODA to counter YOLO. "You Only Live Once" Yeah but You Obviously Die After :)


Side: No, we should not.

I can't take this humor seriously.

Just saying YOLO is degrading enough and YODO sounds far worse.

Side: No, we should not.
1 point

YOLO gets on my nerves anyway, YODO would just be the same and reminds me of Yoda.

Side: No, we should not.