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Sure, why not? Wait..., what? No!
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Should we use Tone Indicators here on CD?

Tone Is Hard to Grasp Online.
Tone Indicators May Help.

Written language is an imperfect method for the messy, complex business of communication, where facial expressions, gestures and vocal tones transmit oceans of meaning and subtext. Words themselves offer none of that. 

In a text-only environment, how can we ever be certain other people understand what we mean when we post online? Enter tone indicators.

Put simply, they are written shorthand for the poster’s intent and emotion. One might use “/srs,” short for “serious,” to express sincere affection for a pop culture crush.

Here's a list:
/j      = joking
/f      = fake
/th    = threat
/p     = platonically
/x     = sexual intent
/s     = sarcastic = ;)
/hyp = hyperbole
/m    = metaphorically
/neg = negative connotation
/hj    = half-jokingly = ;)
/nm  = not mad
/rh    = rhetorically
/srs   = serious ya'll
/r      = romantically

Sure, why not?

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Wait..., what? No!

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I already use my signature trade mark ;)

Side: Sure, why not?

We should use IQ indicators. Everybody here with an IQ under 100 (i.e. at least 90 percent of us) should have to put the number in brackets at the beginning, so we know beforehand whether it is worth reading the stupid shit we see on the screen.

Side: Wait..., what? No!
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ur starking raving sensible, joe. tone indicators might make us more understandable to others. can you imagine the toll that would take on the drama. tsk.

Side: Wait..., what? No!

I have tried to push the envelop on this site by figuring out what can be done here on CD (with the tools that are available) that is outside the scope of the original intent. My favorite (which I did not originate) was the Music Box (where people could post videos of their favorite music).

One that I did originate goes way back. A new feature was added that gave us the ability to add images to our arguments. At the time I asked the owner of the site if that was a good idea? I began to show what can be be done and they removed the feature ;)

There was other stuff that never took off. Like writing part of a story and let someone else continue and so on. Using a GIF file for your picture/avatar/icon. And, of course, how to accumulate the most points ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!
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in that respect you do more than most here.

i either vaguely recall the music box, or ive just heard about it and think i experienced it.

im trying to imagine what shenanigans u got into with the images in arguments that got that capacity removed. :P

the story this crew would right if they wrote it together would be... so delightfully confused and strange. that's a shame it didn't take.

there's at least one person with a gif avatar. unless they're grandfathered in it's possible somehow?

ah, point hoarding. the human brain is so funny. the way it craves pointses.

Side: Wait..., what? No!