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 So how do you spend your personal porn time? (19)

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So how do you spend your personal porn time?

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2 points

Sorry I am a very good girl and I don't do those things !

You can cut this time in half if you use your browser's history feature. ;)

2 points

Or if you follow the steps...

1. Right Click

2. Left click 'Save Image As'

1 point

Which time were you wanting to cut in half? You know you will be attacked now just like me, right?

OK, I only created this debate to see how many perverts there are here on CD ;)

1 point

Joe, will you please remove me from your list. I receive you in my inbox. You are quite possibly the most repulsive human being I have ever encountered. That is not meant as some kind of controversial complement. Although I'm sure you'll portray it as such.

You are perfectly suited to your party and the circus it has become.

You took the enjoyment I used to find here. I'm sure many others have left for similar reasons.

Sorry you feel that way. Maybe you'll find this funny instead Does_this_constitute_extreme_ly_bad_parenting

I mean, you must have a funny bone somewhere ;)

1 point

What a little cry baby? Go ahead......whine and cry.............See what most adults do is ignore it or block it.

1 point

Ne lui parlez Jamais comme ça.

1 point

Je pense qu'elle est facilement offensé.

When I saw this, I thought "what? People do other things other than jack off?"

And honestly, I was very disappointed with what they spend most of their time doing: I thought it might be something... interesting or intellectual maybe...