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 Tell me again why you need a special parking spot? (64)

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Tell me again why you need a special parking spot?

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You mean why should he get special parking towards the front of the lot? Well, physically it is because it is much more difficult for disabled people to move and so they need spots that make their lives easier. Regardless of the fact that he is successful doesn't make it any easier for him to move.

You know..., I need special rules to make my life easier too. WHAT ABOUT MEEEEE!!!! ;)

Yinnielo(4) Disputed
1 point

Loose all your limbs, paralyzing you. Then we will talk about how your life is hard.

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you are talking to a conservative. Don't waste your breath. .

Yinnielo(4) Disputed
2 points

I am also a conservative in some beliefs and a liberal in others. What does that have to do with anything?

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He doesn't. I'm sure his insurance pays plenty for physical therapy, on the parking lot he can get the physical therapy for free.

1 point

Ableism at its finest. .

Because his arms don't work bitch.

We're progressing in this world and we do this by making things simpler.

When a person becomes handicapped things have now become tougher for them.

We simply adjusted and made it simpler for them.

How does parking closer to a store help people with no arms? People use legs to walk, not arms. What he needs is help carrying his bags. So my question stands ;)

Intangible(4934) Disputed
1 point

"How does parking closer to a store help people with no arms?"

It helps him get in at out the store faster. Duh.

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we should prevent soil erosion for fresh air and for living