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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop ;)

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I'm sure the next shoe WILL drop if Trump carries out his stated agenda, but it will NOT be specific to "liberals", WE will ALL suffer depression! (And recession, and a Trump specialty ... bankruptcy possibly followed by a "hostile takeover" by Putin.) :<(

However, he seems to be backing off nearly ALL of his campaign rhetoric as he is being educated to the fact that running a COUNTRY is much more complicated than running a business! The Iran deal is a good deal ... Trumpcare will be Obamacare, but with the cooperation of Congress.... Climate Change IS likely caused by human activity, will "RETHINK the Paris Accords", maybe he'll even find that HE can't isolate the American economy without upsetting the WORLD'S, which will cost U.S. dearly! I hope he will put his shoe back ON! That may keep his brains from slipping out between his toes!

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1. If Trump is so stupid, how did he end up rich?

2. There are other people in government with vested interest in the success of the country.

3. Trump is delegating the work to people who know what they are doing.

4. If the electorates pock Hillary, we will have to go through the 5 steps of grief all over again, except with the other side.

When Obama won people just sucked it up for 8 years. People should just do that again ;)

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Many celebrities have already jumped to the depression stage ;)

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Hopefully step three and four last long enough for step five to never come.

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The libs fucked up when they moved to step 3. The conservatives never made it to step 3 when Obama was elected... twice!!! ;)

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shoutoutloud(4303) Clarified
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In my opinion it's justifiable to go through a grieving period because of that election. I would think it to be ridiculous if it was any of the other of the 16 republican candidates who was elected, but yeah with Trump I can understand it.

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Those stages don't follow mine at all, Betty.

I was pissed from the gitgo when Trump was elected. And then depressed, and then simply pissed and resigned to the fact that this country got what it deserved. And thus it will suffer the consequences and hopefully learn a lesson.

But I will never accept Trump SS my President. Call that denial if you wish. He can suck my big fat cock. I have dual citizenship so for the next four years I am a Canadian!


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Never is a long time. Specifically, it is an eternity. Thank God you'll only have to wait no longer than 8 years ;)

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