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this isn't really a debate its just a place to write down how much you know about other debaters

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I know that Aveskde reads everything out of a book; he doesn't really know half as much as he claims to.

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for example i know that joecavalry, and several other people,don't like liberals

Then again, who does enjoy the presence of liberals.---------

aveskde(1935) Disputed
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Then again, who does enjoy the presence of liberals.---------

Those who like freedom and liberty I guess.

I poke fun at liberals but I don't dislike them. I dislike the ideas that are founded on liberalism. The people who have liberal ideas are usually OK. I mean, they don't have any more power than I do in promoting those ideas. And when they do make progress, it can be reversed withing a few elections ;)

On the other hand, I hate terrorists because their actions does affect other people, even though the end result of their actions doesn't advance their agenda. They are just wasting their lives and innocent lives and not changing anything in any real, meaningful way.

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sorry my mistake....

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I am aware that the majority of the members here have an affinity for debaing, hence their very presence. Except for maybe Joe, he just likes to screw with people.

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I know Kinda is a communist. And a very dirty one at that!

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I know that the liberals on here are anti-individualists.