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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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The art of disrupting a dialogue in order to move the dialogue forward

James: It’s a beautiful day!
John: Yes, it is a beautiful day!
Joe: They say that the weather was just like this when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. If that actually happened.

Ron: How was your flight?
Joe: I’d be more intrigued by an airline where your ticket price was based on your body weight and IQ.

Beverly: It’s hot today.
Joe: In this dimension, yes.

Riz: What’s up?
Joe: Washing your chicken just splatters the bacteria everywhere.

See? Now James and John are talking! Be provocative. 


Side Score: 2

Wait..., what? No!!!

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Absurdity is underrated ;)

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I like it when people point to one of my debates and say, And that's how the fight started ;)

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