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The awards ceremony...

Team Chris Rock

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Team Will Smith

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If they can't take a joke... ;)

Side: Team Chris Rock
1 point

Will Smith would have stayed seated if Dwayne Johnson had made the joke.

Side: Team Will Smith
jackjohnson1(5) Disputed
1 point

What if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a similar joke that Chris Rock have made about Jada Pinkett? Would Will Smith stay in his io games seat?

Side: Team Chris Rock
adelebrown68(3) Clarified
1 point

Feel the royalty and enjoy yourself. Best site ever! papa's games

Side: Team Chris Rock
1 point

The awards ceremony..


We got TWO rights going on here. Chris Rocks free speech rights, and Will Smiths right to be offended, and respond..

In my view, you're FREE to offend people, and if you do, they're FREE to strike back.. While it's true, that sticks and stones will break my bones, but OFFEND me at your own risk. Should I be more restrained?? Yes. Of course, I should. Nonetheless, OFFEND me at your peril.

Plus, I don't buy that offending people in the context of an act, are OK. To me, they are just as offensive and just as worthy of a response..


PS: Yes, I got more to say.. I'm OFFENDED on this website every day. But, I promise you, should I meet that person on the street, one on one, he would NOT offend me. The reasons why are obvious..

Side: Team Will Smith
Developing(494) Disputed
1 point

Excon, are you saying you are a tough guy?!? I would be very excited to meet and offend you on the street. To be honest, I'd rather meet up at a local boxing gym or dojo. C'mon, let's make this happen.

Side: Team Chris Rock