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 The hardest career to achieve and succeed at is? (9)

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zico20(345) pic

The hardest career to achieve and succeed at is?

For me it is an easy answer. To be a professional gambler. More than 99% of everyone who tries it fails miserably. Does anyone have another answer? If you agree with me, what would be second?

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Being the owner of

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Being Justin Bieber.

Go on, try being him and succeed at your career.

Half the world wants you dead; the other half are either brain washed preteens or people that pity you.

His career isn't just being a pop-star, he's a whole new breed.

DrawFour(2662) Disputed
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"Justin Biber" isn't a career. He's a person. pop star would be the career.

Hitler(2364) Disputed
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Read the last line.

Define succeed. Is it fame, power, money, or just enjoying what you're doing?

zico20(345) Clarified
1 point

Making enough money to sustain a comfortable and enjoyable life.


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Senior Wrangler at Cambridge University ?

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Theoretical Physics research.... try to do breakthrough :D Beat Einstein or Susskind ::D