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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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The reason why feminists are so bitchy.

Because feminism has failed to make them happy.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I think they're unhappy because they subscribe to the liberal philosophy of victimization; they don't have equal footing, don't get paid the same etc. and therefore life isn't fair. Liberals love to create classes of victims via class warfare, race baiting, war on gays, war on women, Islamaphobia etc. It's just a way to make people who are unhappy with their lot in life place blame elsewhere rather than on themselves. Liberals specialize in this. There are legions of people like this and the democrats know how to tap in to it.

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I REALLY REALLY hate to say this, but they are getting less happy and it's true. Men aren't preventing anything on women, yet women are trying to get more rights while men are just watching. Man, I really don't like saying any of this as a kid, but I have to speak the truth.

Edit: I am on both sides, so I'm confused on what should I be on. I'll just disprove and support some people.

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Ug rightz the femisnit had falit cause woman are not happi.

Oh wait, but where does wanting equal rights fit there?

Nowhere, you're right!

If the objective were searching for happiness, we would advocate the rights to free chocolate to everyone. And I actually think it's kind of a good idea. Chocolate as a civil right. Just think of it.

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That is a terrible idea. It is very irresponsible. The world is running out of chocolate. We need to conserve our chocolate reserves. were-running-out-of-chocolate/

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I agree. That sounds rational.


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ghostheadX(1105) Disputed
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Does this say nothing that Americans don't at least have the right to the PURSUIT of happiness:

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Aw Joe, you want to try this test in Afghanistan or Saudi? Thought not, the results would prove that perhaps women are not too happy now but it sure as hell is better off for them in egalitarian nations than ones that are not so kind on them.

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What women want is the right to change their mind about the thing they are bitching about.

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While the feminists may be unhappy, there is only few evidence that anything negative happens to feminists and protesters of that. Like "eating food under stress" and unhappy when protests may be evidence, it surely isn't enough evidence they are bad.

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not at all. in developing countries and under developed one's, feminist have and liberals will still further bring lot of improvements to women's life, where the patriarch society is still eminent. it may look nonplussed or triffling to ones, who live in much developed nations, because they cant relate to what women's of such deprived on rights countries go through. what women from developing and under-developed nations are fighting for is a far cry from what ones from developed countries. we cant compare gravity of 'no marraige before 18/divorce before that' right vs equal payscale of both genders.....A true Feminist fights for such hardwired...constitutional...most essential rights. some countries are truely treating their women citizen equally, hence when feminist come up with some xyz agenda, it may sound insane to many in that country ...but nobody would challenge a feminist arguing over liberty for women to wear what she wants, free movement, education as equal as a boy sibling, or to be born for that matter. would you?

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