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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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The term - Life Partner - is a misnomer.

The purpose of having a Life Partner is so that there's someone living with you who will find your body in a timely manner when you die.  It should really be called a Death Partner.  And it cannot go without saying that sometimes these are the very same people who drive you to an early grave (sometimes, literally).  You know?  Like, they'll drive your body to the desert and bury you.

The whole sex thing is just to give people a reason to do the job.  And the whole romance thing is to try and make it less morbid.  The monogamy thing is because multiple partners does not work.  They each assume that someone else is checking up on you.  You cannot rely on your dog to the job because he may just eat you once he gets hungry enough.  

Social media could make a lot of money if they provided a service where they check up on you but it wouldn't be as efficient.  For example, if you haven't posted a selfie in 3 days, Instagram could send someone out to check up on you.  Remember how Amazon was floating the idea of giving their delivery drivers the ability to enter your home?  They could make it so that, if you're gay, they'll use the back door.  We should also make it so that they are the ones responsible for deleting your search history.

So..., yeah..., the term - Life Partner - is a misnomer.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I could not agree with more ;)

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The truth about our system exposed: Jolie for president of the universe!

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Then we're probably only months away from Alexa and AI software like it to be able to fill that role. Alexa can be the Life Partner/Death Partner.

Ahh, the wondrous age we live in...

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AlofRI(2219) Clarified
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AW...Jeez! I just don't think Alexa is my type. She's too willing to obey my commands ... without a fight, even! Will Alexa tell me when I'm wrong? Get my blood flowing when I need it? Nah, I'll take a warm body anytime!

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Grenache(6104) Disputed
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Fair enough, but Alexa will place your Amazon orders and turn on Pandora or Spotify when you ask, and that’s most of what you need in life. If she just adds hummers somehow then she’d be hard to beat.

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This is oddly, and depressingly apt.

I was unemployed for three months when I was 24. I had enough savings that I could pay my bills and be comfortable for six months, but despite lack of financial stress, I was emotionally stressed out.

I realized early on that, because I lived alone, nobody would be likely to look for me or find me accidentally if something happened and I could not move or reach the telephone, etc.

Because I did not have a job, I was not expected to show up anywhere. Nobody would have missed me.

Had my friends knocked and I did not answer, they would have assumed I was out.

Had anyone called, they would have assumed I was out.

I could have been injured and incapacitated, and NOBODY would have missed me or come to check on me while I slowly died of thirst or starvation.

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Dear Jolie; So you're telling me that I wasted my time "trying out" 60 or so "life partners" 'til I found a keeper? Again, I can't agree with you, but, I keep trying.

Hey, Alexa, is Jolie cute, or what?? ;-)

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The0bserver(141) Disputed
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You do realize that Jolie is actually a guy right? His name is Joe Cavalry I believe but I'm not sure if that's his real name. Or maybe you're gay, I don't know, but I thought I'd let you know in case you aren't.

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AlofRI(2219) Clarified
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Yeah, we went through this a while ago. He clowns around a bit so I just just pull his leg a little. I DID say "Jolie was cute", not him. She actually MORE than cute.

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