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 The trolling on this site is getting out of hand (9)

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The trolling on this site is getting out of hand


This site is only big enough to support joe_cavalry.

Therefore, starting immediately, all other

Trolls on CD are on notice to cease and desist any and all trolling activity on this site.


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I am joe_cavalry and I approve this message ;)

joecavalry(40134) Clarified
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OK..., I recognize that I have a credibility problem due to the fact that I'm almost always never serious and I go around leaving smileys all over the place..., I get it. So I'm going to say this once, "I am serious as a heart attack (those things are pretty serious). And to prove it..., I'm not leaving a smiley. There."

joecavalry(40134) Clarified
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; )

2 points

Uhhhh.... I ain't going anywhere. Besides, we need a back-up in case you die or get carpal tunnel.

OK..., you can be my heir ;)

2 points

Of course I have no idea if you're serious because of the smiley? 😌

1 point

So, what you're saying is the Hellno is the "heir of the dog" (muttley)? ;)

Hmm, does this apply to returning alumni? I suspect joe has some time left, he's only doubled his points since I stopped posting a few years ago, I'm sure typing one handed (while lowering overall posts) increases his...staying power ^_^

I get more done by typing with two hands ;)