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This is the reason why the government will not legalize marijuana


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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It's amazing how a few potheads can ruin it for the rest of us ;)

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Funny, but not true.

Why the government will not legalize marijuana is:

1. Destroys the big government policing state machine

2. Eliminates drug cartels and breaks corrupt relationships with drug cartels.

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Last I checked there wasn't a monumental, national booze flood when Prohibition ended.

If we didn't end up drowning when they legalized alcohol I don't see why we would end up in a cloud bank when they legalize pot.

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Jungelson(3953) Disputed
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Someone has no sense of humor...

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The government will not legalize marijuana willingly because:

- Police lobby to keep it illegal, for profit.

- Cartels and drug lord lobby to keep it illegal, for profit.

- Money launderers lobby to keep it illegal, for profit.

- Alcohol and tobacco companies lobby to keep it illegal, for profit.

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Does anyone know why it was made illegal to begin with? Paper mills and tree farmers ran a smear campaign against it because hemp was cheaper to make and higher quality. They exploited it as an inhalant that caused "refer madness". Anyone who's smoked before knows this is BS. you get really happy or infantile and you love the world. I was with a bunch of friends when one guy showed up that I hated. We smoked. Ten minutes later were apologizing to eachother and baking cookies to munch on sayin "I love you man".

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Ave Maria!!! ;)

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They won't legalize it simply because it's better than what they created themselves. If marijuana was legalized i think food prices should go down, because everyone knows, when you're high, you get hungry. They're just trying to give us a reason to spend money on their constant treatment because "we're sick and need help". Do us a favor, grab a joint (a good one), kick back and see how much your mentality improves or just relaxes because of it. You'll thank the potheads later

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