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Vegetarians are not healthier and thus die at a faster rate than meat eaters

Vegetarians are normally fatter (thus less healthy) than meat eaters.  For example, how many fat elephants, hippos and cows are there (percentage wise) when compared to lions and cheetahs?  As another example, zebras and antelope die at a faster rate than lions and cheetahs.  All you have to do for verification is watch one of those shows about wild animals.  You will probably see some dead vegan before seeing a dead meat eater.  And yet we have organizations like PETA (which should really be PITA (Pain In The Ass)) telling us that being a vegan is better.  I can understand PETA being against fur coats (they are not necessary) but hamburgers?  I mean, let's not go crazy here.  A vegie burger is not as good as a flame broiled, old fashioned, burger on the 4th of July.  And what they don't tell you is that PETA started out as the Society for the Prevention of Little Animal Tragedies until they realized that the acronym was S.P.L.A.T. and they didn't find that funny.


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Wait..., what..., no!

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As my final example, many vegans are liberals and if they had their way they would put cows on welfare and give them the right to vote. but I don't want to go on a rant and start bashing people ;)

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Those un-American liberals wanting to replace my hamburgers and hot dogs with veggie burgers and tofu dogs. Well they can pry them from my cold dead hands, oh wait, no they can't because I'm gonna out live those liberal losers. :)

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True because the less you eat things that will fill you up the less you gain that which can lead to a very low blood pressure that can lead to death.

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pithgirl893(2) Disputed
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by "things that will fill you up", i assume you mean protein, in which case there are plenty of vegetarian alternatives, such as the aforementioned tofu as well as a variety of other soy products, beans, eggs, dairy, nuts, etc.

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Actually vegetarians live longer than meat eaters.

Longest living animal are those toroises which are vegetarian


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"It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep."

Benito Mussolini

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Pessimist(182) Disputed
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Realize that turtles are vegetarian yet live long because their digestive tract is specialized for plants. On the other hand, our digestive system is fairly balanced, but is better at dealing with meat, and CANNOT digest cellulose, which is the main source of energy in plants.

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vegetarians are actually healthier than meat eaters as lots of meats are high in fats and increases cholesterol levels, while vegetarians eat more vegetables, which have more health benefits that meat.

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How can being a vegan be better for you? The human body has a hard time digesting vegetables. Haven't you ever seen the corn in your poop? ;)

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Once i hadnt eaten corn for months but somehow it still showed up as though i had.

Corn is evil.

I cant eat popcorn because the little husks are like tiny fingernails clawing at my insides.

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