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Bin the lady Cat was alien
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WTF, poor cat lola chucked in a wheelie bin

To stroke kindly a cat and then throw it into a wheelie bin is such an extraordinary piece of behaviour that you immediately think the person must be mad.

And if Mary Bale - who apparently is a cat-lover and owned one as a pet when she was a child - had not been caught on CCTV committing this cruel act, it would be difficult to believe she was capable of it.

The 45-year-old, who is unmarried, lives what appears to be an unremarkable life: she worked in a bank and once sang in a church choir.

Why? Mary Bale is caught on CCTV stroking the cat and then throwing it into a wheelie bin

Why? Mary Bale is caught on CCTV stroking the cat and then throwing it into a wheelie bin

But there she is, in a clip which has been watched by thousands on YouTube, patting a cat she found walking on a wall, before suddenly, with one swift movement, dropping the bewildered animal into a wheelie bin.

What could drive a person to commit such a seemingly senseless act of casual cruelty? And how should we, as a society, treat someone who would do such a thing?

Of course, the huge public outburst against Miss Bale is understandable. Yet there are those who seem to think that hanging, drawing and quartering would be too good for her. Most civilised people would probably pause a moment before going quite that far.

There's no doubt that what she did was an extremely abnormal act. It's not something that most of us would ever be tempted to do.

To illustrate what I mean, imagine you are in a jeweller's shop when you see a diamond ring glittering on the counter while the assistant's back is turned.

If there weren't any security cameras, I'm sure that the idea would pass most of our minds to sweep it off the counter into our pockets. But 99 per cent of us would resist the urge because of the social and legal inhibitions that are deeply ingrained in our souls.

Now, imagine seeing a cat on a wall near a wheelie bin. Our first reaction isn't usually: 'What fun it would be to pop it in the bin! But I'd better not, it would be wrong.' Such a strange thought wouldn't even occur to most of us. It's so weird.


Bin the lady

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Cat was alien

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the cat got its revenge by the way .

Side: Bin the lady
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The lady should go in a loony bin, for 10 years, then go through a garbage disposal.

Side: Bin the lady
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I laughed the first time I heard about this.

Then I saw this debate topic.

Then I laughed again.

Side: Mary Bale is a hero