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Yay, girls!!! Poor boys.
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War on boys is alive and well.

Yay, girls!!!

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Poor boys.

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Yeah, well that's because it used to be boys-only. So let's not act like boys have it so bad when girls were not even allowed in school for centuries.

This is just payback and we're the unlucky guys receiving our ancestors' punishment.

Side: Yay, girls!!!

The problem with "payback" is that the pendulum will back again in the future. We need to put an end to the vicious cycle. ;)

Side: Yay, girls!!!
Hitler(2364) Disputed
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Justify why this is a problem

Side: Poor boys.
LemurTin(5) Disputed
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So, are you saying that the education of boys deserves to be adversely affected, just because other generations held back girls from attending school? We are talking about the present education of people in our schools here. It would make no sense for the new generation of boys to be punished for something they didn't do, but that society had done decades ago. Revenge (particularly when discriminating against people for their gender, or race for example), is petty.

If boys in whatever country you are from do far worse in education because of these changes you are justifying as 'revenge', then it will badly affect the state of your own country. It just translates into less people leaving school with the qualifications that they deserve, and less highly skilled workers for your country. It is a terrible thing to discriminate against half the population based on gender, and to hold them back (even if it is non-deliberately, or not as bad as it was for girls a long time ago).

Boys don't have it as bad as girls has it, but that doesn't mean that we should ignore this change. It is still discriminative, and holds back certain people (even if it's not such a relatively large effect).

Side: Poor boys.
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This just shows how feminism is damaging today's society. It used to work towards just giving the genders equal opportunities (like in the 80s), but now they are carrying on under the assumption that girls are still not equal in our society, and because of the preexisting support these groups had, they have managed to make schools geared more towards educating women.

I think that you could say, feminism let go of the pendulum that started off on the side of males, but now it's just swinging towards the opposite side. It would be better to just let it rest in the middle.

Side: Poor boys.