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True. Wait..., what? No!!!!
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We have enough gun control. We do not need any more.

What we do need is more idiot control.


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Wait..., what? No!!!!

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Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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without guns people would use swords, knives and their fists to murder. so we don't need to take away guns.

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No. Right now 40% of all gun purchases are made between buyers and private sellers meaning that there is no background check on the buyer. There are so many loopholes and ways to get a gun without any significant background check.

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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First off, that number is bullshit. There is no where near that many private sales going on. Plus what percentage of those private sales are already violating the law? Many of these private sales already break the law. Adding another law to break isn't going to fix anything.

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We need both more and less gun control.


 "31 672 firearm-related deaths occurred in 2010 in the USA (10·1 per 100 000 people; mean state-specific count 631·5 [SD 629·1]). Of 25 firearm laws, nine were associated with reduced firearm mortality, nine were associated with increased firearm mortality, and seven had an inconclusive association. After adjustment for relevant covariates, the three state laws most strongly associated with reduced overall firearm mortality were universal background checks for firearm purchase (multivariable IRR 0·39 [95% CI 0·23–0·67]; p=0·001), ammunition background checks (0·18 [0·09–0·36]; p<0·0001), and identification requirement for firearms (0·16 [0·09–0·29]; p<0·0001). Projected federal-level implementation of universal background checks for firearm purchase could reduce national firearm mortality from 10·35 to 4·46 deaths per 100 000 people, background checks for ammunition purchase could reduce it to 1·99 per 100 000, and firearm identification to 1·81 per 100 000."

Source 1

Source 2

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I'd have to disagree with that, guns are just to easy to get in this country.

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they should take away guns that would causes mass murder and not take away guns that could cause single murders because they need those guns to protect from wild carnivore animals and if people don't murder then the wild carnivore animals will murder anyways.

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People do not realize that land sharks are very dangerous.

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