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We should stop discriminating against the poor and just accept them for who they are.


Poor people are just like you and me.

Sometimes they feel blessed,

and other times..., not so much.

We are always looking down on poor people

by constantly trying to change them

(make them wealthier)

by taking money from the rich and giving it to them.

We should just accept the fact that they are poor and be done with it.

Why try to make them something they are not?

You wouldn't try to make a black man white,

that would be racist.

You wouldn't try to turn a woman into a man,

that would be sexist.

By trying to change them you are saying that they are not good enough

and must thus be made into something else.

Something more acceptable.

We should just let them be who they are.

We should just accept them as they are.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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When you take money from the rich and give it to the poor, you are discriminating against the rich and the poor. You are saying that they are not good enough as they are and that they should become middle class. You are being a bigot.

This discrimination is rampant and blatant. It has been going on far too long and should be stopped. In fact, I think a little reparation should be instituted. Middle class citizens should be forced to pay for decades of the abusive and discriminatory injustices inflicted upon the rich and the poor. Hell..., we should get special parking spaces, just like the handicap. And throw in special bathrooms and sitting areas for good measure ;)

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The poor need our compassion. There are going to be some folks in society who get a bum steer.

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Well even if you have been poor all your life, you can surely get back on your feet with hard work. Sure it's ridiculously hard, but many have done so. Some went from practically homeless to millionaires. Accepting the fact that they are poor implies that they will stay poor and that they can only be poor.

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By the way

"you shouldn't try to make a black man white..."

Michael Jackson tried it... I don't think he's racist.

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Emperor(1348) Disputed
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Yes, but if you said it was bad to be black, and that black people should become white, that is racist.

Just like saying it is bad to be poor. It's not bad to be poor, and there's no reason to become rich.

If you want to get money, then get a job, an education, invent something or provide excellent, unique services.

If you don't, then don't do those things.

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Kururai(167) Disputed
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It was a joke... .

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