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 What are some of the potential benefits of global warming? (15)

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What are some of the potential benefits of global warming?

Everything has a silver lining.  Sometimes you have to squint and look really hard for it but it's there.  This holds true for global warming as well.

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Some cities may end up at the bottom of the ocean. They will make a great diving spot ;)

Bradf0rd(1431) Disputed
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The sea floor will become as polluted as the city it acquired, not good for marine life. I guess an upside though would be that more people would die diving to a city they couldn't care for when it was above sea level.

Polar bears may become extinct. We may finally be able to drill for oil in Alaska ;)

Bradf0rd(1431) Disputed
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So what, we'll have enough oil to... run electric generators? The amount of oil that we could extract from those regions probably isn't worth the fabrication of the platforms that drill it.

The south pole may become ice free. The penguins will no longer freeze their balls off during mating season ;)

Ocean levels will rise and come further inland. I may end up with beach front property ;)

altarion(1955) Disputed
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but for those of us with beach front property, we will end up at the bottom of the ocean!

The number of hurricanes per season will increase. Maybe they'll name one of them after me ;)

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haha, funny guy,

but I read this sci-fi book once,

where this planet had to hold of a terrible ice age that was emminant, and so spewed as many green house gasses in the air as possible.

If one lives somewhere very cold, and doesn't like it, global warming wouldn't be so bad for that one guy, overall though, it would still be bad.

But the problem is, it's not just the getting warming part,

it's also the deteriorating Ozone. Without protection from the sun, we'd look like Venus.

Well, if GW gets really bad, we can try and counter it with Nuclear Winter.

Which means we go back to the debate where I get to push the big red button ;) If_U_S_A_got_in_a_war_with_China_or_Iran_would_we_win

I'm not sure, but I don't want to sound like the dick who can't think of a potentially bad thing positively, so, I'll just second whatever Joe says.

Side: whatever joe says

with all those endangered species dead, i would not have to listen to those annoying "save the polar bears!" commercials. what did polar bears ever do for us. maybe if they gave me a polar bear fur coat, now that would make me want to save them. or at least one. also, more water in the world means less famine.

Side: whatever joe says
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Well my first car accident was because my principal didn't close school on a day when EVERY SINGLE ROAD IN THE COUNTY was covered in ice. I hit another car that pulled into the intersection because I could not stop.

Anyway.... Global warming would make it so there is no more snowy and icy days. So I'll never again slide on ice. :D And I'll never be cold ever again!

Side: whatever joe says
altarion(1955) Disputed
1 point

But that means no more snow days!

Wait...I live in sunny California! It never snows here anyways!

Side: whatever joe says
1 point

Walking around nude without any clothing on in broad daylight.

Side: whatever joe says