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What do you see?

Psychology ink blot test

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I created them using 4 pictures which can be found here:

http:// picasaweb. yBits

see if you can figure out which picture I used for each ink blot.

If you give up, here's the answer:

Ink blot 1 was created using the following picture:

http:// lry/ NaughtyBits/photo#51519139963 12578482

Ink blot 2 was created using the following picture:

http:// lry/ NaughtyBits/photo#51965864337 55013954

Ink blot 3 was created using the following picture:

http:// lry/ NaughtyBits/photo#50917685714 99047490

Ink blot 4 was created using the following picture:

http:// lry/ NaughtyBits/photo#49440248961 73047826

Thanks for playing,


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Freeze frames from the music video "crazy" by gnarls barkley

You are closer than anyone else. I should know, I created the images ;)

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then they are ink blots?

2 points

4. Two naked ladies, their heads melded together.

3. A girl taking off her jeans, from the ground up. Both sides the same thing.

2. A skeleton wearing shorts. He's looking down.

1. Chicks wearing high heels lying down with a big weird blob upper body.

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3)opposing ant heads


1)someone in a cloak (with a lions head?)

2 points

1. Two ladies back to back

2. A bearded Phil Collins putting a crown on his head

3. Two birds about to shake wings

4. An alien flying a handglider - viewed from below

2 points

#4: sock puppets "kissing"

#3: doves

#2: a person trying to open somthing

#1: 2 women back to back wearing high heels

2 points

Is there something wrong with me if I see vaginas in two of the four photos?

No, but there aren't any that you can see. After all, this is a family site.

1 point

I think it means that you don't know what a vagina looks like because that is what 3 of the photos are showing.

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I see naughty bits. Lots and lots of them.

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All I see is lots of naked women.

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(inkblot4): A man wearing an un-hooded cloak, rocketing over a road with clouds in the background.

(inkblot3): Two demons sticking their tongues out at each other.

(inkblot2): An alien soldier's helmet as it slowly merges from mirky water.

(inkblot1): A futuristic sarcophagus.