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 What does the future hold for the human race? (4)

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What does the future hold for the human race?

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Considering the generation with its pants bellow their ass... not much. Maybe some doping, a little grass.... who knows?

daver(1771) Clarified
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Wow those images were beautiful. But seriously :

There are enough of us in each generation who seem to be inclined to keeping our ass covered with our pants, and our eyes focused on the possibilities, to warrant reasonable optimism for our future.

If we can also manage to avoid extinction at the hands of the (EBC) exposed butt-crackers, then one day we will at last set off to become one with the Force.

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So far we have always managed to stop ourselves falling off the cliff and pulling back from the brink, so it appears we manage crises quite well and it is "normality", whatever that is, we seem to have difficulty with.

So in the meantime as long as we keep on keeping on we'll be around for a lot longer following the boom and bust trajectory until we work something else out that works a bit better.

It is one of my deepest held desires that, within my life time, we as a species shall see that dream fulfilled, even if only to a minor extent. I truly believe that a time will come when the longevity of our species will rely upon extra-planetary colonization, but that isn't even what fuels my passion for this topic.

As the video references:"I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas".

Heman Melville

Traveling around our world is one of the best experiences I believe a human can have, and it is endlessly fulfilling and eye opening. But I believe it will require extra-planetary exploration for us to truly be satisfied.

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One day people will be saying "yeah, yeah travelling around our universe is fun but try trekking the multiverse noobs, that's the real fun in life."

Humans will always want more than what we have, it's one of our unifying traits as a species. Some people want more money, others more information and some just want more friends and love.

Everyone Has their own addiction or thing they forever need more of, pick your poison and die trying, you'll never be satisfied if you always want more.