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 What happened to the child within you? (12)

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What happened to the child within you?

At one point we were all (or will be) 10 years old.  After that, what happens to that 10 year old?  Surely you can't remember every waking hour of everyone of those 365 days that you were 10.  You may remember of couple of highlights, but how many of those highlights would you consider to have been a learning experience worth remembering and shaping who you are today?  Probably not many, if any.  And so it is with most years that you have lived thus far.  I mean, how important are your experiences in the grand scheme of things?  Think about how infinitely large the universe is compared to one human being.  So that begs the question, if not your memories or experiences, what constitutes that which you call, "you?"  Maybe it is your "life energy." Maybe this energy has a conciousness, even if it is incapable of storing memories.  And since energy cannot be created nor destroyed, when you die, your energy "lives" on.  Whatever that means.  

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I am still young and I like to have fun. But i had to grow up quick. When you have to take care of your younger siblings because your mom wont, you tend to grow up.

I'm sorry if this debate doesn't "fire" you up, but.... what the hell ;)

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We grow up? It's completely natural. Once hormones kick in you lose the imagination (not all of it) and stop wondering in 'lala-land'.

TERMINATOR(6781) Disputed
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I never lost my imagination. That's why I still enjoy reading, writing, and watching movies so much.

Well..., if it's so natural to stop wondering in lala-land.... why do so many teens do drugs?

Sulith(508) Disputed
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To escape reality of highschool or for relief.

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Damn it, Joe! I don't got no parasitic twin!

I think that my childhood abandoned me that one time I saw a pedophile get stoned to death in front of my school in the Spring of 1998.

... (-_-)

But, there is good news. My inner child returned in the Fall of '99.

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It took my sanity so I disowned it.


It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here

And I'm much obliged to you for making it clear

That I'm not here.

Still only ten, just trapped in a 43 year old body. I'm getting younger all the time and soon will be wearing a diaper and having someone wipe the drool from my chin.

Side: It's re-emerging

i beleve you are always a kid at heart no matter what people say

Side: It's re-emerging
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Well I would say that the child within me is still there. I definitely have my moments! ( I just spelled definitely right, without spell check! I'm so pumped )

Side: It's re-emerging