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 What if we designated one day out of the year were we do not debate - argue? (13)

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What if we designated one day out of the year were we do not debate - argue?

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Why can't we all get along ;)

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We have that. It's National Pancake Flipping Day. ...........................

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Hello j:

Christians are taught NOT to question things, and IF they do, it's UNWELCOME.. That's why you have a negative connotation about argument..

Jews, however, are taught to question EVERYTHING. Therefore, argument is a GOOD thing. So, from MY perspective, instead of having a day where we DON'T debate, we should have MORE debate..


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Christians are taught NOT to question things

Hmmmmm... all these years, and I have never heard this sermon. Can I find it on youtube?

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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Religion is brought to the debate by an UNDONE Progressive !

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Unenforceable and pointless.

That day has the possibility to become destructive for human kind, as no argument and no debate would mean entities not coming to any conclusion.

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One day? Democrats can't go on minute without attacking Trump.

When Obama was in Office, the Left wing media went eight years having a love affair with him. How did that work out?

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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You really have no self awareness. So, are you trying to claim that if Democrats stopped attacking Trump you would finally stop being so partisan?