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 What is the longest - protracted - battle you have witnessed on CD? (9)

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What is the longest - protracted - battle you have witnessed on CD?

For example
Cartman and BlizzardBird
go at it for days
on this debate:

We need to identify the most EPIC battle!

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3 points

If members didn't ban you'd see more long battles. Plain and simple.

Back on Forandagainst I once had a comment thread with an ultraconservative that got up around 85 comments. Why? Because you can't ban on FAA. And he kept getting bested, and then would try to weasel it into something else or save face somehow and I (and others too) kept besting him, until he finally stopped responding way way down in the miniscule fine print of the comment chain.

That's not a bad thing. That's what a debate website is supposed to be like. That's a debate. A debate isn't say something obnoxious and then ban everyone who says you're obnoxious. What's that? That's not much more than "tweeting".

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I have seen some furious back and forth that are way longer than the one used in the example and which occurs within a matter of hours. These people are the real MVP's due to their dedication to the cause.

Maybe we need two categories:

1. Longest amount of time spent by two people arguing over something.

2. Largest number of back and forth responses between two people arguing over something.

Hell!!! I have even seen it spill over into other debates. That shit cracks me up.

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As of this post, it has been 2 days since BlizzardBird responded. Did he give up? Did he quit CD, moved to Alaska and become a hermit?

BlizzardBird called Cartman an idiot on more than one occasion. Did Cartman drag him down to his level and beat him with experience? Or did BlizzardBird just learn to never argue with Cartman (you both get dirty and Cartman likes it).

Either way, we may never know. But if he had kept it up, he may have had a shot at the title. He could have been a contender.

jolie(9808) Clarified
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I am just here to stir the pot. Get people riled up. I just instigate the mayhem and then get out of the way (find a good vantage point to enjoy the action).

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Or did BlizzardBird just learn to never argue

BlizzardBird has, from the very beginning of his time here on this website, been able to completely avoid arguing for his stance. He has either made up facts, twisted what the other person said to mean the exact opposite, or insulted the person for doing exactly what HE does. I don't know where he learned it though.

1 point

Could he have learned it from Satan?

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The way I see it, FromWithin and SaintNow are both in a protracted battle against the website itself, and thus each new comment or debate is just another salvo in their little wars.

Based on seniority, I'd have to give it to FromWithin. Based on sheer quantity, I'd give it to SaintNow.