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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Whitey came to the New World and set up a system of laws that put and kept them in power.

Whitey appropriated/stole Native American lands and made it (at least initially) so that only land owners could vote (have power).
This was no easy feat.  The natives fought back hard.  But eventually whitey killed enough natives to win.

The system protects itself by giving people hope that they too can become land owners.
But the playing field is not even as evidenced by the fact that most homes are owned by whites.

A similar scenario is being played out in Israel.
However, it is harder to the Zionist to kill enough Palestinians in order to win because Palestinians are reproducing at a faster rate.
It is interesting to note that the top breeders are the Indians and the Chinese.

Both models work.
Eventually a group of people will ask another group:
Group 1: "How did you acquire these lands?
Group 2:  "We inherited them from our fathers and they from their fathers."
Group 1:  "How did your original ancestors acquire these lands?"
Group 2: "They fought for it."
Group 1:  "Will fight you for it!"
They will just out breed them.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Bitching about the system is futile. You have to either make love and enough babies to take over or you make war. There's no other way ;)

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JoliesGoblin(6) Disputed
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Spwan clones and take over. ;-)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!

That could work if you can make clones faster than the old fashion way of procreating. ;)

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"make love and enough babies to take over....."

That's exactly what these LBFMs coming across the border are doing. They multiply like rabbits.

Little Brown Fucking Machines

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True but what culture/people throughout the world in early times didnt or wouldnt do that?

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Whitey came to the New World

The Muslims and the Asians took every piece of land, which equal well more than the white world, by imperialistic force.

But libs hate history when it doesn't line up with Marx...

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jamesbody(80) Disputed
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The Muslims and the Asians took every piece of land, which equal well more than the white world, by imperialistic force.

Shut up you retard. Whites invaded the Americas (North and South), Australasia, Eastern Europe AND most of the Middle East. You're an idiot with no regard for reality and you believe everything in life can be morally justified by attacking the people you don't like. You're a ridiculously unlikable prick.

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Number13(143) Disputed
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equal well more than the white world, by imperialistic force.

Shut up you retard. Whites invaded the Americas (North and South), Australasia, Eastern Europe AND most of the Middle East

You mean the British in most of your examples, to be specific. America fought their attempts at imperialism. Remember?

Most of the Americas are brown skinned peoples who speak Spanish.

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On this site, we prefer the word, retardant. ;)

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The problem with this argument is that it does not account for the fact that most people who own property or wealth in the US, or have positions of any sort of power are not descended from the people who established the original laws, or initially settled the land.

People in those positions got there by getting with the program.

We are ALL born into an environment governed by laws and customs we did not make. Success of any kind is dependent on how well one adapts to the society we are in.

We ALL have to swallow the same crap if we want to succeed, and it does not taste any better to white people than it does to black or brown people.

I am not a fan of the societal or corporate cultures that dictate we project a particular image in order to get and keep a job. It rankles that I have to behave a particular way to get and keep what I have.

HOWEVER, I jumped through the necessary hoops, took the necessary steps, and continue to make the sacrifices and do the work require to succeed. The manners I display, and the behaviors I engage in do not come naturally or easily to me or anybody else, but I suck it up.

Anybody who does the same gets the same results.

Only a racist would think that it is easier or happier or more comfortable for white people to pretend to fit with cultural norms and societal mandates than it is for anybody else.

Only a racist would think that white people alive now have any more responsibility than anybody else of any race in creating the set of rules we all inherited, and to which we all are subject if we want to be successful.

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Do you believe in rich privilege? ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
marcusmoon(576) Clarified
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Do you believe in rich privilege? ;)

Not in privilege, but definitely advantage.

People lose that advantage all the time. Family wealth is hardly a guarantee of success, and is useless in the face of laziness and unwillingness to work within societal norms.

The top 1% is a statistical point on a distribution, not a single group of people whose progeny all stay at the same point in the distribution.

Consider that the richest people in the US did not start out that way. Rockefeller and Carnegie both grew up poor, and each took a turn as among the richest men in the world.

Bezos, Gates, and Zuckerburg are self-made.

There is tremendous class mobility in the US, going both from rich downward, and from poor upward.

The Vanderbilt fortune is gone, and at one point, Cornelius Vanderbilt was the richest man in the US.

Ben Carson is a multimillionaire ($30), and he started out very poor. He worked hard, learned and applied considerable skills, and made lots of money. Significantly, he learned to speak and write correct English, dress professionally, and comport himself in accordance with the norms required for professional success.

My folks started off poor, and ended up middle class. My dad started off with the disadvantage of not even speaking English when he started kindergarten, and he had to learn and adopt the behaviors and manners required for acceptance and success in American society.

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