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Who gives the Irish a hard time for believing in leprechauns? Not atheists... s


The atheists give theists a hard time for believing in God. 

Why don't they give the Irish a hard time for believing in leprechauns?

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Firstly, because I have never met an Irish person who actually believed in Leprechauns.

Secondly, because that belief does not harm anyone the way overarching theological belief systems have done and continue to do.

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You copied my argument.

Jace(5222) Disputed
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I expressed that I too have never met an Irish person who believes in Leprechauns. You do not have a monopoly on that experience. The second part of my argument was not a reiteration of anything you said (or if it was than it was better said and more clearly to the point).

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I have known Irish people and not one of them believed in Leprechauns. A Leprechaun to an Irish is like Santa Claus to the Finnish... It's just an awesome legend to make kids behave.

Probably because the Irish would kick their arse and theists are forbidden to do so. In fact, theists are required to love atheists ;)

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Where did you find that picture of Garry? Hey? Where in the hell has he been anyway?

I haven't heard from him in a very long time.

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Irish people are more scary than your average christian. Even though quite a lot of them are christians.