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 Why do people find it necessary to convince other people of their beliefs? (31)

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Why do people find it necessary to convince other people of their beliefs?

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3 points

Sorry .... I sincerely thought it was a debate site ..... I'm outta here .....

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
1 point

I sincerely know that the Progressives of the world believe all people should accept their beliefs ! You can't deny the truth and reality of that !

1 point

Believe what you want but don't try to convince me. ;)

2 points

I got a newsflash for you: a debate website might not be the right thing for you. ;)

1 point

Is that what this is ;)

Dermot(5736) Disputed
1 point

That's not convincing at all , do you want convincing ? ................

1 point

I just want people to realize that they are not going to change my mind. Just like I realize that I am not going to change anyone's mind.


ironskillet(220) Disputed
1 point

Uh... you guys all realize that jolie isn't being serious, right?

Yeah. Someone should ask the magician that question for me...................

Dermot(5736) Disputed
1 point

Why do you keep having a go at me , you a stalker or something ?

I never tried to convince you of anything as I told you that you're actually a pot plant that's gets watered twice a week by kindly neighbours , now you do know what follows if you throw a punch big guy don't you ?

Let's have a look at Jeffery and his groundbreaking revised theory of Evolution in his own words from earlier on 🙀🙀🙀🙀 In his own words 😱😱

Let's look at Jeffries theory of Evolution 😱😱😱.......

So if it is true that humans were once monkeys, then it means humans are going to change into what next? A hamburger? Abiognesis or evolution, whatever, it's bullshit.......

A hamburger 🍔🍔😂 and you honestly think i want to convince a cabbage like you of anything 😂😂😂

jeffreyone(1378) Disputed
1 point

Right. Just the magic word and the frozen brain cousin of abracadra arrives with his same rants. As if someone really cares. Tell your cousin abracadabra the magic code you use now is so cliche and worn out. He should give you something interesting.

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
1 point

Yes it is no one can come after you Progressives because that is just not fair in your mind !

1 point

Because I know I'm always right and it would be nice for people to be on the same page as me for once. ;D

1 point

I may not be always right Mint but I'm never wrong 😊😊

1 point

Many people want to get you to think the same things that they think. For example, if it is a religion, clearly they are going to press their beliefs onto you. This is because if they get you to join their church, they are recognized by their pastor. It would make them feel as if they did something good, especially in God's name. People will do this to make them more recognized, or just to make them look good. This goes for anything. Many people may do it (say at school) because if people can convince you to do something, it makes them look cooler, or more popular. People want friends or something (along those lines) that they can easily push around, or get what they want from you. In my opinion, people do this in more of self need. People want more attention, or whatever it is that they most desire. They will do anything they can too, to get just what they want

1 point

Humanity cannot live in a vacuum so we invented the "File Box" so we can neatly label people, by their opinions, habits, interests, way of life, employment, etc etc

Ipso facto everyone gets put into a box and then human animals can feel comfortable with the other people in their box and try to get other people in other boxes to join them so they feel even more comfortable and have the biggest box.

1 point

Because everyone wants their view of the world validated.

No one likes uncertainty. I for one do not. I like to hear other perspectives in a non-aggressive manner.

1 point

Because everyone else is wrong.

Oh wait, I think I was channeling FromWithin or SaintNow for a moment. What happened?