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Serves them right The end is near
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Wives ban their husbands from visiting Italian cafe with busty barmaids


Sexpresso: Wives ban their husbands from visiting Italian cafe where busty barmaid serves up drinks in skimpy outfits

  • Bagnolo's mayor has banned her husband from going to the bar
  • 'I have upset the women but that's not my problem,' says Laura Maggi
  • Attracted so many customers that the mayor is now considering an emergency bylaw to cope with the huge amount of traffic

Serves them right

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The end is near

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If penises were detachable, these women would keep their husband's penis at home, with them, in their purse. Next, they are going to start monitoring their husband's internet access. I wonder if these women are mob wives ;)

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Booooooo why cant they go, its a bar now if they were offering free head with drinks that's a different story

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For those who ban men from going to the bar, damn them because that bar looks fun.

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Wow, those women sure are insecure. And good for the bar owner, she's working what she's got. Lol That's what I always do ;) For both my jobs actually e__e

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Lol, on the one hand that's what they get for marrying prudes. Still, it's ridiculous.

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