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 Wrongful death lawsuit dismantled by - Fetus is Not a Person - defense. (5)

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Wrongful death lawsuit dismantled by - Fetus is Not a Person - defense.

A major Catholic health provider has successfully dismantled a wrongful death lawsuit brought against it by arguing — in defiance of its own long-held doctrine — that a dead fetus is not the same as a dead person.

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I guess if your girl friend won't have an abortion and you punch her in the stomach and kill the fetus you can only be charged for assault. It's a brave new world out there ;)

iamdavidh(4816) Disputed
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Unless you're a human capable of thought. Then you are able to do really cool stuff that robots and monkeys can't, like consider individual circumstances.

Don't hurt yourself though, I know you're a republican.

Man..., the internet is REALLY in dire need of a sarcastic font. I would have thought you'd know me by now ;)

Controversial video (when taken in this context) landing in 3, 2, 1...

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Must be Jesuit. Catholics haven't burned all of them yet?